We know how crucial PowerPoint is to win business and for effective communication. Power Pack plugs into your existing PowerPoint software so you effortlessly build good looking presentations quickly and easily.

Power Pack is a complete software suite of presentation templates, formatting tools, dynamic libraries and content automation software. Power Pack is configured for your business and works within your existing PowerPoint installation so you create high quality presentations quickly and easily.

Teams or entire businesses will benefit from Power Pack through increased speed, higher quality and being able to rapidly access a wide range of diagrams, charts, CVs, case studies, disclaimers and other media in a few clicks.

Power Pack works within PowerPoint so integration is seamless and you start using it immediately. The menus and controls are so easy to use that training is minimal and user adoption is 100%.

We configure Power Pack to your specific requirements and rigorously test on your Office build so implementing Power Pack for small teams or large international businesses is simple and straightforward with minimal IT impact.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-built templates formatted to your corporate specifications
  • Drag and drop to quickly build presentations ensuring visual consistency that adhere to brand
  • One click conversion from screen optimised design to a professional print output
  • Extensive tools give speed and accuracy when formatting presentations
  • File management orders and centralises essential resources for custom slides, images, charts and other supporting material