Research Solution integrates a dedicated research database; stock analysis; expert authoring templates; automated formatting and publishing tools; a research distribution engine and a superior workflow solution. Research Solution is based entirely on Microsoft products for ease of use.

Our practical knowledge and experience in this highly specialised sector, coupled with our expertise in research document visual communications design and bespoke software development, makes Mediasterling unique in the current marketplace.


The Research Solution database calculates and aggregates data from analyst financial models, live market data and all other dynamic feeds. Analysts submit forecast changes to the database using a single click from their standard Excel models - so no change in working methods is required.

Calculations are fully configurable by sector for solid foundations of your published data. Full analysis of your stock universe is performed quickly and easily using the Stock Analyser. Forecast and performance data can be interrogated and compared. Results are easily exported to Excel for further analysis and manipulation as required.

Authoring and Distribution

Dynamic data and compliance content is automatically populated into expert Microsoft Word templates across your publication set. Powerful and intuitive production tools are configured to manage all document and data formatting. Our authoring tools get the most from your database content. Multi-format rendering targets content to the optimum medium (Word, PDF, XML etc) where it is distributed via email and Research Solution's web portal.

With years of experience, we are the leaders in combining the highest visual quality output with fully automated document generation.


Research Solution's workflow runs above the authoring and publishing system as a task-based publishing management system from Analyst to the Editing/SA, Compliance and your Publications teams. We lever off SharePoint to deliver one of the most robust, configurable and flexible multiple path publishing workflows on the market. The seamless integration into Microsoft Office maximises usability while delivering full version control and audit trails.

The workflow is driven and managed via tailored browser pages displaying documents according to role and responsibility. Progress is driven by tasks and email alerts configured for each workflow.

Accuracy, consistency and efficient productivity is guaranteed from report creation right through to PDF distribution, website and printed output. Research Solution delivers value, speed and reliability in authoring high quality content right to your clients.

Key Benefits

  • Resilient, proven database for consistent and repeatable calculations
  • Powerful stock analysis and automation maximises your data and IT friendly setup
  • Expert Microsoft Office templates and tools for speed and excellent visual quality
  • Distribution engine via email and website portal
  • Configurable workflow manages production plus version control and audit trail
  • Modular Microsoft configurations optimise deployment and flexibility