Maintaining Word templates across a corporation can be a major headache when addresses change or there are new offices, new people and changes in disclaimers. Template Manager provides an instant remedy so your templates are efficiently managed, consistent, brand compliant and content stays up-to-date - always.

Functional and simple to use

Users quickly launch Word documents via a simple picker. Template Manager can either offer all templates or by role, location or other business parameters.

As a new document is launched, logos, addresses, company details, language and even start-up content is automatically inserted. This keeps the number of templates to the absolute minimum and makes updating day-to-day details an extremely simple process.

Easy to manage

Template Manager is scalable and Unicode compliant so will work reliably around the globe. No specialist Word expertise is required so you aren't dependent on developers to make changes.

Brand consistency and high visual quality

Once the user is working on any document from Template Manager, custom ribbons and tools provide users with exactly what is needed to do their work while keeping the brand and document design on track.

Key Benefits

  • Easy management of Word templates across the business
  • Group templates so they are easy to find e.g. reporting, correspondence, PR and admin
  • Show users just the templates they need for their job or business area
  • Quickly update multiple templates without detailed technical knowledge
  • Improve document usability and functionality to save time
  • Maintain brand compliance and visual quality